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Max Thrust Aggressor Extreme Glider PNP

Max Thrust Aggressor Glider
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£169.99 inc.VAT


The Aggressor Extreme is the evolution of our best-selling glider the Lightning 1500, we knew that we got it right originally with the Lightning and now we’ve just made it better.

The Aggressor range of gliders offers high performance in more ways than you think. They have great high-speed stability both under power and also on the glide. Constructed from our new super smooth EPOFLEXY with carbon spars in the wings and fuselage giving a very strong airframe. The Aggressor Extreme is a very fast model which is designed for the experienced model pilot, with ultra-fast aerobatics and jet sounding EDF it’s a must-have adrenaline machine. The model features high-speed servos throughout and even has a metal geared one on the all-moving tail to give you a very precise and accurate tail.

Using the proven fuselage and tail from the Sport but with a more streamlined 1200mm wing and pylon mounted electric ducted fan “EDF” powered by a powerful brushless motor and a 4 cell Li-Po the Extreme lives up to its name.

“Super-fast, Agile and heart pumping which all boils down to a lot of fun! what more could you want? “ Mark Tilbury

  • Ducted Fan Brushless Motor Pod
  • All Moving Tail Plane
  • Digital Servos
  • Tough EPOFLEXY Construction
  • Simple Assembly
  • Brushless Motor
Flying Weight950g
Servos4 x 9g Digital
Recommended Battery14.8v 2250mAh Li-Po